Ms. Scheel

Welcome to Ms. Scheel's
Counseling Corner!
Hello! I am the Counselor for the 6th grade class. Students are welcome to visit me in the Counseling Office. Parents/Guardians: please give me a call at 818-951-5552 or send me an email ( to set up an appointment to discuss your child's academic, college/career, or personal/social concerns.
It is my pleasure to assist you in this journey through middle school!
HEY 6th graders!!
Culmination Requirements for 8th Grade
  • Earn 50 credits in 8th grade (5 credits per class earned with a passing grade of "D" or better)
  • Have NO more than 3 U's total each semester (Fall 20-week report card and Spring 15-week report card)
  • Have no more than 7 absences total the entire school year. Legal and medical exceptions will be made at the discretion of the administration. Final attendance will be calculated at the Spring 15-week reporting period.
  • Have no more than 5 (five) discipline referrals to the office (5 total infractions). Each discipline referral is counted as one infraction. A suspension from school is counted as two infractions.
  • Clear all financial obligations with the school (Student Store, Textbook Room, Library).
Begin practicing good work habits now!
C2BK Club!
The Cool 2 B Kind Club will be meeting soon at Lunch! Please ask me for a pass so you can join us in our quest to ensure that Mt. Gleason stays Bully Free! If you are interested in being a part of the solution to a common middle school concern, please come to the club. After all, it is cool to be kind and that's what we want to make sure Mt. Gleason is known for - kindness! 
Hathaway Sycamore Child Family Services
Are you interested in receiving Counseling/Therapy services for your child? We are pleased to have partnered with Hathaway here at Mt. Gleason. Having mental health services available in the school allows students who otherwise may not be able to access services due to transportation difficulties or time constraints on an already overwhelmed family schedule. Students can be referred by parents, school personnel, or they can be self referred. All students receiving services need to have parent/guardian permission to participate. Please see me for more information.