Library Hours & Procedures

Hours & Procedures


Library Hours




  • Respect the library, the librarian aide , the books, and the computers.
  • Consume food, gum, and drinks (even water) outside the library only. 
  • Clean up after yourself.   


  • All students unaccompanied by a teacher need a pass during class time. 
  • Students must present the pass to the library aide. 

Borrowing Books:

  • Bring the book(s) to the front counter.                               
  • Show your school ID and pink library card.                                                 
  • Books will be checked out for TWO weeks.                                
  • Checked-out books may be renewed up to 3 times.                                  
  • Students may check out a maximum of TWO books.                                                                


Returning Books:


  • Hand your book to the library aide
  • If you owe a fine, you will pay for it here in the library.
  • If the librarian is not at the circulation desk, put the book in the “Book Return” cart


  • Damaged Book =$ 25.00
  • Lost Book =  $25.00
  • Remember that your library record follows you from K-12th grade.





  • Ask permission to use the computer.     
  • Show your ID to the librarian.
  • Do not change any computer settings or visit any inappropriate sites.
  • Students encouraged to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, LAUSD email, school website, academic websites, and websites related to homework assignments only.




  • You may only print during nutrition or lunch -- unless you have a homework assignment to print. 
  • You may only print documents for academic purposes.( 2 pages max per student per day)
  • You must ask the librarian before you print.