Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:
Mount Gleason Middle School Mustangs will become…
1.  Compassionate Human Beings who:

Exhibit empathy toward others on a daily basis.
Respect and embrace diverse cultures, lifestyles, and ideas.
Exhibit positive citizenship in school and the community.
2.  Respectful Communicators who:

Use technologies to communicate ideas across multiple mediums.
Listen, speak, and write effectively in collaboration with others, producing quality work.
Use vocabulary appropriate to the situation, and be aware of the effect of one’s communication on others.
3.  Creative & Complex Thinkers who:

Analyze and synthesize relevant information from multiple sources.
Apply innovative and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems.
Collaborate, ask questions, and draw conclusions in a reflective manner to produce successful outcomes.
4.  Purposeful & Responsible Students who:

Adhere to district, school, and classroom policies.
Display integrity and honesty; accept individual and group responsibility.
Practice making educated choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
5.  Self-Directed Lifelong Learners who:

Provide evidence of meeting curricular standards in all subject areas.
Stay current with relevant technological resources.
Actively pursue and achieve goals that pertain to their interests and passions.
Understand the pathways to college and career-readiness.