Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Mount Gleason Middle School Mustangs will become…
1. Compassionate Human Beings who:
  • Exhibit empathy toward others.
  • Embrace diversity.
2. Respectful Communicators who:
  • Use technology and vocabulary appropriately.
  • Listen, speak, and write effectively.
3. Innovative Thinkers who:
  • Apply critical thinking skills to problem solve.
  • Collaborate in a reflective manner to produce successful outcomes. 
4. Purposeful Students who:
  • Adhere to district, school, and classroom policies.
  • Display integrity and accept responsibility.
5. Self-Directed Lifelong Learners who: 
  • Meet curricular standards in all subject areas.
  • Actively pursue individual goals and interests.
  • Explore pathways to be college and career-ready