Marquee Goal

Mount Gleason Middle School would like to get an electronic marquee to increase our communication with families and community outreach. Please consider donating to our marquee fund. We will be collecting donations until we reachMarquee Goal our goal of $52k:
    •  DONATION - Bring cash or write a check payable to "Mount Gleason Middle School." In the memo are
    • a of the check, please write "Marquee."
    • LETTER - Write a signed letter that specifies your donation amount and "Donation for Marquee for Mount Gleason Middle School."
    • SUBMISSION - Submit your donation funds and letter to our "Student Store" to deposit into our Donation Account, specified for the marquee. 
    • SHARE - Please spread the word to other people and organizations in case they wish to donate as well.
    • Thank you for your consideration and support!