7th Math Syllabus

Mount Gleason Middle School, August 2019-June2020, Science Bldg., Room 25

7th Grade Math Syllabus

Ms. M. Saidi, [email protected]


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am looking forward to being your child’s teacher. I’m Ms. Saidi, an 18 year LAUSD teacher. I am National Board Certified and have participated in many grant projects to help advance our students. This is my first year at Mount Gleason, and I am excited to pursue my passion, which is teaching math. If we can develop a good working partnership in the education of your child, it can surely predict a successful year for all.


About Our Year: The Common Core Standards are upon us. This year we are fully implementing the Common Core Standards. The standards that will be covered in 7th grade are:
Unit 1: Developing Understanding & Applications of Proportional Relationships

Unit 2: The Number System: Operations to Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide Rational Numbers
Unit 3: Understand Expressions & Equations
Unit 4: Developing Understanding of Geometry, Statistics, & Probability



Course: 7th Math
Texts: CA Math - Mc Graw Hill Course 2 Volume 1 & 2


Required Supplies:

The following is a list of supplies for my class. All supplies must be in each student’s possession everyday.

  • Composition or spiral notebook (70 pages or more)

  • Pencil pouch & at least two sharpened pencils, eraser

  • 3-ring binder for tests and handouts

  • Red pen

  • Textbook-Workbook

  • Student Organizer (agenda)

Class Rules:

1) Be on Time: All students must be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.
Be Prepared: All students will bring required materials to class.
Be Respectful: All students will show respect for themselves, teacher, other students, textbooks and materials, and the classroom environment as a whole.

4) Stay on Task: All students will listen attentively to the teacher and follow directions.


Consequences of not following Rule #1: Lunch Detention

Consequences of not following Rule #2: -#4:
1st Consequence: Student will be warned.
2nd Consequence: Student will be warned and warning will be recorded. Satisfactory citizenship grade will be received.
3rd Consequence: A parent/guardian will be contacted and notified of student’s status in class.
Needs improvement citizenship grade will be received.
4th Consequence: Student will be sent to the Counselor’s office. Unsatisfactory citizenship grade will be received.
5th Consequence: Student will be sent to the Counselor’s office for conference and probable removal from class.
Severe Clause: Should a chronic or severe violation of the class rules occur, student would be referred to the Dean of Students for a parent conference and probable removal from the class.


Homework Policy:

I expect all daily work to be completed fully and on time. If not, it is counted

as an incomplete, resulting in a zero grade. 9 points- Complete homework
5 point- Part of homework is done
0 point- No homework or wrong page


Late Homework Policy:

One day late will be dropped to a 7.
Two days late will be given a 5.
Absent work is not considered late. If the student has an excused absence, he or she will have one extra day to make up absent work for each day absent. It is the student’s responsibility to get all make-up homework from the teacher either before or after school.


5-Week Reporting Period


Three or more “0’s” in a 5-week period will result in an “Unsatisfactory” on the

report card under work habits.
Two “0’s” in a 5-week period will result in a

“Satisfactory” on the report card.
One or no “0’s” in a 5-week period will result in

an “Excellent” on the report card.



Test will be given at the end of every Chapter and it will be worth half

of your childs grade in my class. 


Grading policy and grading scale:

100% to 90% -A
89% to 80% - B
79% to 70% - C
69% to 60% - D
59% to 0 % - F
Homework receives a “Work Habits” grade on the Progress Report.


Contact Information:

To contact me, please either call the main office at (818) 951-2580 and leave a message and phone number. You may also send an email through the teacher website [email protected] I will make every attempt to contact you within 48 hours.